Today most of my work is international. I'm a passionate traveller. I've been to 39 countries by now and I can't count all happy moments that I've seen and captured. I adore both big and small weddings. Please get in touch no matter of the place and the size of your event.

2020 / 2021


Where your event is going to take place?


I am a storyteller.
My way in photography started 10 years ago with editorial and fashion but I've always admired real people and real emotions much more. Over the past 7 years I've been documenting weddings and other important life moments in different countries.

My style combines documentary and fine art photography. I believe that your photos should be elegant, natural, timeless. Every moment of your very unique event matters. Every moment deserves to be shown in the best way.

My clients are those who prefer to collect feelings not things. Nothing will be more valuable for you through the years than a teardrop on your mother's cheek or a sincere hug of your best friend or a picture of you two standing on the edge of the earth holding hands and looking to each other's eyes.

  • ISPWP awarded member
  • Fearless photographers awarded member